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Aquatic Therapy

Our state of the art therapy pool offers swim jets and four, five, and six foot depths to accommodate varied levels of exercise. At a comfortable 92 degrees F, our warm water pool can ease stiff and painful joints to enable you to exercise safely with minimal trauma to your body. Our trained Physical Therapists will consult and develop an exercise program that is tailored to you.

"Pool therapy is a proven approach to both managing the pain of osteoarthritis and maintaining strength, flexibility, and mobility in joints. It has a number of added health benefits, such as improving heart and lung function, and also often decreases blood pressure. It may be safely used in almost all individuals, even those with heart disease and hypertension, and even patients with advanced arthritis can benefit.

Overall water therapy is an extremely safe and gentle exercise activity and can be a powerful pain management option for those suffering from osteoarthritis pain. Water therapy can be an important part of any therapy program helping osteoarthritis patients maintain their ability to function and remain independent."

-Getting Started with Pool Therapy,

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