Kelsey Gilbertson,

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Kelsey was born and raised in Thornton CO and moved to Montana 2014.


As a personal trainer by trade and working the health and fitness industry it seemed so fitting to combine the 2 professions. She loves working around and with like-minded people!


What Kelsey enjoys the most about her job is that she is the first face our clients see! She always tries to do her best to make the scheduling process a cake-walk and help out around the clinic to help things run as smoothly as possible. She also loves the fact, that the MPT team all enjoy similar things and that they have very good vibes amongst the team!

Kelsey’s Boyfriend, Conner, and her are dog parents to the spunky Aussie Lola. The three of them enjoy any and everything outdoors! They love to spend time at the river and getting lost in the woods. Any chance they get to soak up some sun and they are there!

She also enjoys coffee, and she is the proud owner of a little coffee stand called "Big Bear Espresso", so will most likely have a coffee in hand!

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