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JoAnne Robinson,

Billing Director

JoAnne was born and raised right here in Montana.


She kind of ended up in the medical billing field by accident. At a former company she worked for rented space to a starting physical therapist. Over time she assisted the therapist and gradually worked up to a full time job in the medical billing site of the industry.


What JoAnne enjoys most about her job is seeing patients feel good again after PT, doing her best to make it as easy as possible for patients not to have to deal with insurance and authorization stress, etc. and all the wonderful people she has met over the years. She sees her specialty as billing and customer service.


22 years ago JoAnne and her husband blended their families and together they have 4 daughters, 3 granddaughters and the newest member of the family Beatrice, who is their 1 year old golden retriever. Spending time with her family, going to their cabin, day trips exploring backroads of Montana and looking forward to going to the Oregon Coast every Fall are her greatest joys!

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