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10 Ways to Make Traveling this Holiday Season Easier

Many people have difficulty traveling due to increased aches and

pain. Don’t let pain stand in your way of enjoying the holidays with friends

and family. Check out these tips for an easier travel season!

1. Lumbar support - Buy a lumbar support pillow for your seat and be aware of

good posture. Many newer vehicles have a built-in lumbar support that you

can adjust to your comfort.

2. Take breaks - If you are traveling by car stop and get out every 2 hours and

take a short walk. If traveling by airplane when the seatbelt sign is off, take

a trip to the restroom or a short walk down the aisle. Stand and stretch for

a few minutes.

3. Hotel gym -Take advantage of the hotel gym to get your body moving

whether it's cardio, stretching/mobility or strengthening.

4. Hot tub/pool -If you are staying in a hotel use the hot tub and/or pool. The

warmth of the hot tub can help relax your muscles. The pool is a great place

to move and stretch. The buoyancy of the water is much easier on your


5. Stay Hydrated!! - Always have a water bottle with you. Hydration is

important for reducing cramping and stiffness in your muscles.

6. Deep breathing techniques and/or meditation - Pain can worsen with

increased levels of stress and anxiety. Diaphragmatic breathing or “belly

breathing” can be helpful and can be practiced in any position.

7. Pace yourself and rest - Listen to your body and rest when needed. Pacing

yourself and taking breaks throughout the day can be helpful.

8. Dress comfortably - Wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes.

9. Luggage - Invest in luggage with wheels to avoid having to carry heavier


10. Healthy eating - Many foods can increase the inflammation response

in your body. Good anti-inflammatory foods are fruits and veggies, whole

grains, beans, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids such as fish. Try to avoid a lot of

sugar and high fat foods that can increase inflammation.

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