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Dropping into Ski Season

Ski season is fast approaching and so is the time to get ready to hit the slopes. Even if you prefer “cruising the blues” rather than dropping into a double black diamond you should prepare your body for motions that it has not been used to for the past 6 months.

With that, the three biggest regions to strengthen to allow for a smooth season are your core, hips and quads. These main muscle groups all contribute to the control that will allow your body to make sharp turns on the groomers and big turns through powder.

I recommend starting every workout session with a proper warm-up, whether that be stationary biking, walking on the treadmill or jumping jacks. A warmup will allow for blood flow to present in the body, reducing the risk of injury or straining a muscle during exercise. I would recommend trying to complete these exercises two-three times a week from now until the start of ski season.

* Complete all exercises at your own pace but aim for 3 sets of 10 repetitions or a total of 30.

  • Walking lunge with rotation

    • This is a great exercise to focus on full lower body strength while promoting core activation and balance.

  • Single leg RDL with Hip rotation

    • This is a great exercise to work the posterior chain while also focusing on single leg balance. (use a chair for balance support if needed)

  • Lateral Skier Jumps

    • One of the more challenging exercises in the group that will get your heart rate up. Start with smaller jumps side to side if this exercise is challenging

  • HI-LOW Chop

    • This exercise is great for core stability. You will need a resistance band and is best to anchor to a sturdy object like such as through the top of your door frame or firm coat hooks

  • LOW-HI chop

    • This exercise is just the opposite of the previous and should have your core (especially your obliques) burning. Anchor this band to sturdy table leg or bottom of the door

  • Bridge with Hip Adduction

    • This exercise will focus on strengthening your inner thighs, core and glutes. Use a ball around the size of a soccer ball or a dense pillow.

These exercises will focus on improving muscle performance, improving endurance, enhancing coordination and stamina.

All exercises should be performed at your own pace and followed by a 5-10 minute cool down consisting of a few leg stretches that are listed below and should be completed in 3 sets with at least a 30 second interval.

  • Figure 4 Stretch

  • Hamstring Stretch

  • Calf Stretch

  • Quad Stretch

Ski season is FAST approaching so what better time than now to start your pre-season than NOW! Get these exercises down and you will be gliding down the slopes with ease!

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