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Golfer’s Warm-up: Pre-round movement prep

Golf is often regarded as a casual, leisure activity. But if you’re anything like me, you want to get better every time you play and see your scores steadily decline the more you play. The latest clubs, balls, and gadgets will only get you so far. Having a consistent swing and good course management will set you up for your best scores. Making sure that your body is properly warmed up and ready to perform will ensure your practice or play is optimal.

1. Improve Mobility in the right areas:

  • Hips

  • Thoracic spine

  • Shoulders

2. Stimulate the nervous system to optimize swing mechanics

3. Prevent injury

4. Improve your game

This series should take 8-10 minutes. After you have completed this routine, your heart rate and body temperature should be elevated. The game is about rotation, so making sure the body is warmed up and prepared to rotate without compensation is key to preventing overuse injuries. Try this routine the next time you head to the driving range or before you play a round.

Improving Mobility - Stretching Warm Up

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Figure 4 Stretch

Adductor Stretch


Thread the Needle

Stimulating your nervous system - Dynamic Warm Up

Leg Swing Position 1

Leg Swing Position 2

Lunge with Overhead Reach

Lunge with Windmill

T-Spine Rotations (Hips Still)

Position 1 (Hips Still)

Position 2 (Hips Still)

Position 3 (Hips Still)

T- Spine Rotation ( Hip Follow Through)

Position 1 (Hips Follow Through)

Position 2 (Hips Follow Through)

Position 3 (Hips Follow Through)

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